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Bamboo rodmaking

To Built a Fly Fishing Bamboo Rod.

For who it wishes to see and to understand as it's constructed to a fly rod step by step you read my Blog: Manual of construction of a cane in bamboo. Here the link::

Building a rod is affordable for anyone with a little bit manual skillsso it is not extremely difficult. The difficulty however is to build one or more rods that are at the Top as an action and that fully reflects our desire. Here the matter begins to be very tough.
The rod should be light and with a fast enough action. Especially for us Italians where method exists to launch with light lines and high speed. I call this method ICS (Italian Casting Style).
It is only right to thank the great master "Roberto Praiola"

One hand, to build from the ground up a rod, the offer various software with whom we can identify various "stress curves" that undergoes the apparatus during the launch. Obviously the variables, which are considered, are the following:
- Length
- Nr of Line
- Taper.

This is an example of the stress's diagram.

it is clear that to interpret, but before that, you can let out the curve must dedicate many hours of study. I add, with a person who can explain how to use this software.
The two best software that I known and most people use, are:

- Hexrod  

In both of them we find also the taper of famous manufacturers such as:
Cris Bogart, Wayne Cattnach, Garrison, Dickerson, Payne, Pezon&Mitchell, Hardy  ... and others.

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