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Diamond Profile


This profile procures to canes an unsuspected rigidity.
The Diamond shape rods also known as a Tri-hex rods.
Diamond rods is a new and unique construction method of powerful and crisp action  bamboo fly and spinning rods.
Tri-Hex ( Diamond) rods have a crisp smooth action with less rod bounce than a conventional hexagonal rod of the same taper.
Also, they are faster than a hexagonal bamboo rods.
Those rods are not easy to make. They still uses 6 strips but 3 are twice as large as the small strips and have to be " shaved off" making them in trapezoids. The final cross - sectional shape  of a Diamond rods  looks like a triangle. Different size triangles mean setting Planing forms twice instead of once
A high precision , accuracy  and patiente is necessary for making of this particular rod to fit together, correctly.

The construction  began with 7 ' for # 4 and then is continued with another 7 ' 2” #4.

Also these rods are built with bamboo ferrules.

The two pictures show the three small and three large strips.

Here the three rods

7'0" ...... #4
7'2" ...... #4
7'6" ...... #4
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