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Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods
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Oval Profile Flyfishing Rods

This serie of Bamboo Fly Rods have a Oval profile, UNIQUE in their kind.

This Fly Rods are designed using my specially designed tapers with atipic hexagonal (6 strip) construction. Why atipic? This hexagonal rod shape is irregural and it's has two sides larger than the other four sides. It's a like a hexagon crushed or oval. This construction provides an inherently stiffer/faster action  than to comparable to the regular hexagonal rod.
Unlike the previous series, these rods are harder. In this case the personal feeling and the technique to cast determines the choice of either type of rod.

The rod series comes in following lenghts and Weight Lines:

7' 2" #4
7' 6" #4
8' 0" #5

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