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Planing Form

Adjustable metal Planing Forms is an  ultimate tool for every rod maker.

The PF is made from two 1500 mm long bars of   minimum 30 mm square solid steel ( thickness)  , placed side by side and doweled together by using a hardened round steel dowels .
The dowels are placed to ensure that the Forms will open and close on the same plane each time.
Our Planing Form is well known for its precise design, fine lapping and special hardening process - Nitriding, which makes this tool convenient for a lifetime use.
Nitriding ( UNI 5478) is a surface hardening treatment, conducted at  temperatures relatively contained ( 480 - 570 C ) conditions that allows diffusion of Nitrogen into the surface of the bars.
Such a generated  surface layers are characterized by the excellent wear resistance, adhesive binding and mechanical abrasion.  The rod maker's plane simply slip away from the Planing Forms  surface without damaging of it or any other affecting on steel surface.

Please, do not hesitate to write me for more additional  information. Thanks.

In workshop They also make other tools and components that are useful for rod makers.

The comparator, or Dial Gauge. In this case with metric analog instrument.

The Comparator ( Depth gauge set) for measuring the depth of the PF when setting the taper.
Optional:  with Dial or Digital  readout of values,
This particular tool is made as a perfect companion of our Planing Forms.
A high quality material is used for a making of such accurate depth measuring tool.  A perfect 60 degree contact point is made by high speed tool steel. Tho whole surface of this particular tool is treated with Nitriding

Bamboo Splitter.
12 - blades tool provides a 12 equal single strips, and each strip  will be convenient to be divided into two more equal strips. With this tool even beginner in rod making can easily make a 24 strips.

Last object useful, essential for me, is the guide grooves 8 to make emptying of the canes. Let's say you are taken longitudinal sections of the strips, according to a certain logic (explain it very well in my blog "Building a Bamboo rod"). With this object enables anyone to remove layers of Bamboo to the height of the groove, You just can not wrong. Obviously this tool is treated with the same process of the PF

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