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Rod Actions

Many people call the rodmaker an artist as the rodmaking an art. In my opinion the rodmaker is like a tailor who can make custom clothing and on individual tastes.
The actions of the rods can be changed forever, so why to settle for any cane?
Each person has his own way of thinking, doing and fly fishermen, to cast.
Is not said that an action of a rod that I like very much fits all ... in fact the opposite is true.

But as you can do ... or how you should do?
Each rodmaker has in its warehouse many rods of different lengths and actions.
First off,  try to find one that satisfies us fully or in part.
If any of them has these requirements, or in part, ask to change the action of stiffening or softening some parts of the rod.

The rodmaker knows what to do with the aid of appropriate software that today are of enormous help to those who build.
I talk about Hexrod or RodDna.

For who it wishes to see and to understand as it's constructed to a fly rod tepby step you read my Blog:

Manual of construction of a cane in bamboo (Italian Language, you can use Google Translator).

Let's see how it is built with a few images a rod

The used bamboo is the Arundinaria Amabilis, what scientific name, called also Pseudosasa Amabilis.
This Bamboo is also known as Tonkino and Bamboo Refendù.
The particularity of this material is stiffness, hardness and the huge amount of power fibres. Hardness and rigidity are improved further after cooking to 190 ° C. As a natural material is the only correct for building fly fishing rods
From the pole having a length of 3.60 meters, are made six + six strips. This must be done by hand to maintain integrity of the longitudinal fibres.

The six strips obtained are split into more 4 each.
The planing of strips to make them perfectly equal-sided triangle section

Typical snake guides or Stripper Guide wrapping
The Blaze that recalls the design of the Cheetah stained fur.

HSS System, Hollowing Star System.
Some photos of how to realize star hollowing or HSS system
Hollowing Strips with normal system
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