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Salmon Rods

12' # 520 Grain Skagit.

Progressive Power, Hollow built. Bamboo ferrules
It 's a three - piece cane  12' long, just tested successfully  in Canada.
The two inserts or Ferrules are made in Bamboo and seen the effort to which they are subjected, reinforced by a sock Graphite.
Blaze and completely hollow built in order to increase the lightness , speed and accuracy.

In the photos we can see my friend Carla in action in Canada.

13' 3" Under-head # 10-11

Canna tried and tested, powerful and fishing more than three years. System HSS

13' 6" #7 Spey

This rod is built with the HSS system.
Despite the length it is very light.
It 'was presented at the Flyfishing Show in Vicenza in 2015 and got the big rewards.
The next Time I will make a 13'6 "# 10/11
Beside we can see the pieces from the processing of three sections with emptying HSS.

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